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The Scheduling module optimizes plant floor execution of the production plan. Intelligent scheduling engine compares alternative feasible production schedules and automatically selects the schedule that optimizes resource allocation in accordance with user constraints, preferences and priorities. The end result is a detailed production schedule showing the start and completion date of every operation/ job/ part combination and the machine to be used to run it.

ComMIT Schedule has a flexible, dynamic structure that adapts itself to the realities of the shop floor rather than requiring the organization to adapt to the system. This unique approach ensures that production schedules reflect the user's true operating environment resulting in more realistic production schedules that anticipate and manage production problems before they arise rather than simply highlight problem areas as they occur.

Key Features

  • Forward and Backward Analysis
  • Finite and infinite capacity loading
  • Automatic machine selection from within:
    • machine group
    • alternate machines
    • priorities
  • Production rates based on:
    • operation
    • machine/operation combination
  • Detailed calculations of all particulars pertaining to each job including:
    • machine center
    • start
    • completion
    • setup
    • runtime
  • Considers inventory levels, Work In Process and current jobs
  • Allows overlapping jobs for optimal resource utilization
  • Complete Factory synchronization
  • User defined scheduling horizons
  • Short and long range resource loading analyses
  • Detailed calendar for:
    • each machine center
    • shop
    • holidays
  • Easy integration with data collection and MES systems
  • Graphical Gantt chart presentation hi-lights late, rush and completed jobs